We’re almost passed the first half of 2017 and a lot of new trends have evolved during that time. It’s always nice to remodel your house according to the latest fashion, so we’ve gathered around some tips and trends for your kitchen:


Gray Is getting big-

Although usually you would think that white would be the perfect color for your cabinets, but with 2017 came a new trend of painting your cabinets in gray. The gray color gives the room some light and some shade, making balance in your kitchen, and it also looks amazing.


Black and White Kitchen-

If you want to go safe and simple, you can always count on the yin and yang combination. Painting your kitchen in black and white assure you great success with your renovation project and something you will never get tired from looking on.


Use Contrast-

If you’re not a big fan of black and white, that is fine. The main idea of 2017 kitchen trends is to keep contrast between light and shadow in your kitchen. No matter what color pallete you like, just make sure you use dark and bright colors together.


Go Big and Bold-

Your kitchen color is not the only thing you can change. The use of bold and big objects and decoration has proven to be hugh success in 2017. Having bold lights or a big vase in the middle of your dining table can really help give a great vibe to your kitchen.


Maximize Storage-

Every spot in the kitchen can be turned to something useful. Use your kitchen space wisely and to the maximum. This year we’ll see a lot of two-in-one shelves and drawers.


Kitchen Technology-

With each new year, our kitchens get great new gadgets and technology to make our cooking easier. Use these technologies. From filtered water to sensor lights, everything is becoming automated, and you should embrace it into your kitchen.