The summer is officially here, and the hot weather is already starting to affect your electric bills. The usage of AC is increasing and with it your monthly bills. Sunny days can reach up to 100℉ and the house becomes so hot, leaving you with no options but to use AC during most of the day. However, there are other ways to cool down your house without increasing your AC usage that much. We have gathered a few of these options to help you out with your monthly bills:



  • Keep your house shaded
    The sun can really light up your house, but it will also make it warmer. Try to leave your blinds closed in order to prevent the sunlight from heating up your house.
  • Use fans instead of AC
    Although fans are not as efficient as AC when it comes to cooling down your house, they are extremely energy efficient. Try to use fans instead of turning on your AC and you will see how your electric bills are dropping.
  • Close doors when using AC
    Closing the doors around your house will significantly increase the efficiency of your AC system. Think about it, when you close all the doors in your house, you are basically reducing the space that the AC needs to cool. Instead of streaming cool air all around your house, it will only need to cool down one room.
  • Wash your floor
    Cleaning time can be used just like magic. When you wash your floor, the water on the floor evaporates and cool down your floor and the air around your house.


  • Use your bathroom’s vents
    Besides the loud noise they make, bathroom vents are essentially used to circulate the hot air out of your house. Try to turn them on in order to cool down your house.