Month: February 2019

Open To Open Floor Plans: The Pros and Cons

These days it’s all about the open floor plan. Like, really all about the open floor plans. Like, over 80% of people want an open floor plan whether they’re building from the ground up or taking out some frustrations on an innocent wall. And what’s so special about them anyway? Well – pardon while we throw a little history atcha – turns out open floor plans aren’t anything new. When the only source of heat in a home was a giant hearth, homes were using the open floor plan out of necessity. It wasn’t until the Victorian era that...

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Converting To A New Kitchen

According to the National Association of Home Builders Remodel Market Index, in 2017 83% of people wanted a new kitchen. You mostly likely fall into that group yourself. And it makes total and complete sense. A LOT happens in a kitchen. Aside from being the only room in the house that can make or break a diet, it’s a room that is filled with as many memories of making food as it is meals actually made. It’s also CONSTANTLY dirty. We use the most resources in the kitchen just by cooking with water, gas, and electricity – and those...

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